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Settlement Agents

Logistic Settlements is a licensed settlement agent servicing the Perth metropolitan and North West WA regions.

We specialise in:-

  • Real Estate Property
  • Commercial Property
  • Strata Property
  • Related Party Transactions
  • Land Development Projects

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ATO Clearance Certificates

Please be aware that the ATO will be closed over the Christmas period. Consequently, no clearance certificates will issue between 22 December 2017 and 2 January 2018 with respect to the foreign resident capital gains withholding. If a client will be settling a property transaction above $750,000 during this time, they risk having the withholding […]

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Urban Sprawl Debate Based on Outdated Assumptions

By Nick Allingame – UDIA WA President There has been much debate in recent weeks regarding Perth’s urban growth and whether new development is causing ‘urban sprawl.’ This deliberation about urban sprawl is often accompanied by claims that residential development is not achieving the right balance between infill and greenfield areas. I think it is important when discussing the future growth of our city that we look at the facts, rather than fall into making assumptions ...

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